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Schuerger, Andrew C. and Moores, John E. and Clausen, Christian A. and Barlow, Nadine G. and Britt, Daniel T. (2012) Methane from UV-irradiated carbonaceous chondrites under simulated Martian conditions. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 117 (E8). ISSN 2156-2202

Kadish, Seth J. and Barlow, Nadine G. and Head, James W. (2009) Latitude dependence of Martian pedestal craters: Evidence for a sublimation-driven formation mechanism. Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets, 114 (E10). ISSN 0148-0227

Kadish, Seth J. and Head, James W. and Barlow, Nadine G. and Marchant, David R. (2008) Martian pedestal craters: Marginal sublimation pits implicate a climate-related formation mechanism. Geophysical Research Letters, 35 (16). L16104. ISSN 1944-8007

Barlow, Nadine G. (2004) Martian subsurface volatile concentrations as a function of time: Clues from layered ejecta craters. Geophysical Research Letters, 31 (5). L05703. ISSN 1944-8007

Cabrol, Nathalie A. and Grin, Edmond A. and Carr, Michael H. and Sutter, Brad and Moore, Jeffrey M. and Farmer, Jack D. and Greeley, Ronald and Kuzmin, Ruslan O. and DesMarais, DavidJ. and Kramer, Marc G. and Newsom, Horton and Barber, Charles and Thorsos, Ivan and Tanaka, Kenneth L. and Barlow, Nadine G. and Fike, David A. and Urquhart, Mary L. and Grigsby, Brian and Grant, Frederick D. and de Goursac, Olivier (2003) Exploring Gusev Crater with spirit: Review of science objectives and testable hypotheses. Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets, 108 (E12). ISSN 0148-0227

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Barlow, Nadine G. and Boyce, Joseph M. and Costard, Francois M. and Craddock, Robert A. and Garvin, James B. and Sakimoto, Susan E. H. and Kuzmin, Ruslan O. and Roddy, David J. and Soderblom, Laurence A. (2000) Standardizing the nomenclature of martian impact crater ejecta morphologies. Journal of Geophysical Research, 105 (E11). pp. 26733-26738. ISSN 0148-0227

Barlow, Nadine G. (1994) Sinuosity of Martian rampart ejecta deposits. Journal of Geophysical Research, 99 (E5). pp. 10927-10935. ISSN 0148-0227

Barlow, Nadine G. (1990) Constraints on early events in martian history as derived from the cratering record. Journal of Geophysical Research, 95 (B9). pp. 14191-14201. ISSN 0148-0227

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