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IRAS observations and the stellar content of H II regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud

DeGioia-Eastwood, Kathleen (1992) IRAS observations and the stellar content of H II regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The Astrophysical Journal, 397. pp. 542-551. ISSN 0004-637X


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Publisher’s or external URL: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/doi/10.1086/171811


IRAS far-infrared fluxes are presented for six H II regions in the LMC. These regions are the sites of recent, massive star formation where the radiative heating source is young stars rather than the general interstellar radiation field. As such, the observations become building blocks for the interpretation of far-infrared emission from spatially unresolved galaxies. In addition, the multiwavelength luminosities of the region then probe the young stellar upper initial mass function. With the long-range goal of determining the stellar content of unresolved star-forming regions, we present the results of a simple model which combines the infrared data with existing H-alpha/H-beta and thermal radio data. For the two OB associations where the mass function has been determined directly, the model correctly 'predicts' a solar neighborhood upper mass function within the uncertainties. No evidence is found for upper mass functions significantly different from that in the solar neighborhood.

Item Type: Article
Publisher’s Statement: © 1992 The American Astronomical Society. Published in the Astrophysical Journal.
ID number or DOI: 10.1086/171811
Keywords: Astronomical Models; H II Regions; Infrared Astronomy Satellite; magellanic clouds; Star Clusters; Star Distribution; Star Formation; Stellar Luminosity
Subjects: Q Science > QB Astronomy
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Department/Unit: College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Science > Physics and Astronomy
Date Deposited: 16 Oct 2015 20:38
URI: http://openknowledge.nau.edu/id/eprint/1338

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