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Arceuthobium tsugense subsp. amabilae, a new subspecies of hemlock dwarf mistletoe (Viscaceae) from Oregon

Mathiasen, Robert L. and Daugherty, Carolyn M. (2007) Arceuthobium tsugense subsp. amabilae, a new subspecies of hemlock dwarf mistletoe (Viscaceae) from Oregon. Novon, 17 (2). pp. 222-227. ISSN 1055-3177


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The dwarf mistletoe severely parasitizing Pacific silver fir in Oregon is described as a new subspecies of hemlock dwarf mistletoe. This classification is based on morphological and host range differences between hemlock dwarf mistletoe, Arceuthobium tsugense (Rosendahl) G. N. Jones subsp. tsugense, and the new subspecies, Pacific silver fir dwarf mistletoe, Arceuthobium tsugense subsp. amabilae Mathiasen & C. Daugherty. The new subspecies is parasitic principally on Abies amabilis, A. procera, and Tsuga mertensiana (Bongard) Carrière. Secondarily parasitic on A. lasiocarpa, occasionally parasitic on T. heterophylla and A. lowiana (Gordon) A. Murray, and rarely parasitic on A. grandis and Pinus monticola Douglas ex D. Don.

Item Type: Article
Publisher’s Statement: Copyright Missouri Botanical Garden Press - BIOONE
ID number or DOI: 10.3417/1055-3177(2007)17[222:ATSAAN]2.0.CO;2
Keywords: Abies; Abies amabilis; Abies grandis; Abies lasiocarpa; Abies lowiana; Abies procera; angiosperms; Arceuthobium; Arceuthobium tsugense subsp. amabilae; Developed Countries; dicotyledons; eukaryotes; forest trees; grand fir; gymnosperms; Hemlock dwarf mistletoe; host range; hosts; IUCN red list; mountain hemlock; noble fir; North America; Oregon; Pacific silver fir; Pinaceae; Pinopsida; Pinus monticola; Plant morphology; Santalales; Spermatophyta; systematics; taxonomy; Tsuga heterophylla; Tsuga mertensiana; Viscaceae; Washington; western hemlock;
Subjects: S Agriculture > SD Forestry
NAU Depositing Author Academic Status: Faculty/Staff
Department/Unit: College of Social and Behavioral Science > Geography, Planning and Recreation
College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Science > School of Forestry
Date Deposited: 22 Feb 2016 19:00
URI: http://openknowledge.nau.edu/id/eprint/2021

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