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Brauer, Elizabeth J. and Turowski, Marek and McDonough, James M. Additive decomposition applied to the semiconductor drift-diffusion model. VLSI Design, 8 (1-4). pp. 393-399. ISSN 1563-5171

Burke, Chrissina C Zooarchaeological (faunal) Data from Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project (BVAR). [Dataset]

Chapman, Nicholas L. The Spitzer c2d survey of large, nearby, interstellar clouds. IV. Lupus observed with mips.

Edwards, Christopher Reduced Data for: The Thermophysical Properties of the Bagnold Dunes, Mars: Ground-truthing Orbital Data. [Dataset] (Submitted)

Heinrich, Paul L C. Hart Merriam live weather data display. [Dataset] (Unpublished)

Heinrich, Paul L and Gilbert, Edward and Cobb, Neil Stanley and Franz, Nico Symbiota collections of arthropods network (SCAN): A data portal built to visualize, manipulate, and export species occurrences. [Dataset]

Heinrich, Paul L and Whipple, Amy Vaughn C. Hart Merriam Climate Station daily RAW data. [Dataset] (Unpublished)

Heinrich, Paul L and Whipple, Amy Vaughn C. Hart Merriam Climate Station hourly RAW data. [Dataset] (Unpublished)

Higueras Ruiz, Diego Ricardo and Shafer, Michael W and Feigenbaum, Heidi Paula Data Set. Cavatappi Artificial Muscles. Science Robotics. [Dataset] (Submitted)

Loeffler, Mark J and Prince, Beau Space Weathering of the 3-µm Phyllosilicate Feature induced by Pulsed Laser Irradiation. [Dataset] (In Press)

Loeffler, Mark J and Behr, Patrick R. and Tribbett, Patrick David and Robinson, Tyler D Compaction of Porous H2O-ice via Energetic Electrons. [Dataset] (Submitted)

Loeffler, Mark J and Tribbett, Patrick D and Cooper, John F and Sturner, Steven J A Possible Explanation for the Presence of Crystalline H2O-ice on Kuiper Belt Objects. [Dataset]

Loeffler, Mark J and Tribbett, Patrick David The sputtering of radiolytic O2 in ion irradiated H2O-ice. [Dataset] (In Press)

Loeffler, Mark J and Tribbett, Patrick David and Tegler, Stephen Christopher Microporous ASW with Near-infared Spectroscopy: Implications for JWST’s NIRSpec. [Dataset] (In Press)

Loeffler, Mark J. and Fitzpatrick, Morgan Ryleigh and Meier, Robyn Marie and Cooper, John F. The Contribution of Electrons to the Sputter-produced O2 Exosphere on Europa. [Dataset] (Submitted)

Nghiem, Truong X. Gaussian Process Derivative at Uncertain Input for SE Kernel. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Yazzie, Jaime O. and Fule, Peter Z. and Kim, Yeon-Su and Sanchez-Meador, Andrew Diné Kinship as a framework for conserving native tree species in climate change. [Dataset] (In Press)

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