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King, A. W. and Andres, R. J. and Davis, K. J. and Hafer, M. and Hayes, D. J. and Huntzinger, D. N. and de Jong, B. and Kurz, W. A. and McGuire, A. D. and Vargas, R. and Wei, Y. and West, T. O. and Woodall, C. W. (2015) North America's net terrestrial CO2 exchange with the atmosphere 1990–2009. Biogeosciences, 12 (2). pp. 399-414. ISSN 1726-4189

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Zscheischler, Jakob and Michalak, Anna M. and Schwalm, Christopher and Mahecha, Miguel D. and Huntzinger, Deborah N. and Reichstein, Markus and Berthier, Gwenaëlle and Ciais, Philippe and Cook, Robert B. and El-Masri, Bassil and Huang, Maoyi and Ito, Akihiko and Jain, Atul and King, Anthony and Lei, Huimin and Lu, Chaoqun and Mao, Jiafu and Peng, Shushi and Poulter, Benjamin and Ricciuto, Daniel and Shi, Xiaoying and Tao, Bo and Tian, Hanqin and Viovy, Nicolas and Wang, Weile and Wei, Yaxing and Yang, Jia and Zeng, Ning (2014) Impact of large-scale climate extremes on biospheric carbon fluxes: An intercomparison based on MsTMIP data. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 28 (6). pp. 585-600. ISSN 1944-9224

Wei, Y. and Liu, S. and Huntzinger, D.N. and Michalak, A. M. and Viovy, N. and Post, W. M. and Schwalm, C.R. and Schaefer, K. and Jacobson, A. R. and Lu, C. and Tian, H. and Ricciuto, D. M. and Cook, R. B. and Mao, J. and Shi, X. (2014) The North American carbon program multi-scale synthesis and terrestrial model intercomparison project – Part 2: Environmental driver data. Geoscientific Model Development Discussions, 7. pp. 2875-2893. ISSN 1991-962X

Huntzinger, D.N. and Schwalm, C. and Michalak, A. M. and Schaefer, K. and King, A. W. and Wei, Y. and Jacobson, A. and Liu, S. and Cook, R. B. and Post, W. M. and Berthier, G. and Hayes, D. and Huang, M. and Ito, A. and Lei, H. and Lu, C. and Mao, J. and Peng, C. H. and Peng, S. and Poulter, B. and Riccuito, D. and Shi, X. and Tian, H. and Wang, W. and Zeng, N. and Zhao, F. and Zhu, Q. (2013) The North American carbon program multi-scale synthesis and terrestrial model intercomparison Project – Part 1: Overview and experimental design. Geoscientific Model Development Discussions, 6. pp. 2121-2133. ISSN 1991-962X

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King, Anthony W. and Hayes, Daniel J. and Huntzinger, Deborah N. and West, Tristram O. and Post, Wilfred M. (2012) North American carbon dioxide sources and sinks: magnitude, attribution, and uncertainty. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 10 (10). pp. 512-519. ISSN 1540-9309

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