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Abraham, Andrew John (2021) Large mammals and the zoogeochemistry of terrestrial nutrient cycles. Doctoral thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Ayodele, Oluwatosin Olukayode (2021) Recommendations for solar photovoltaic system policies in Nigeria: a comparative policy analysis. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Berglin, Samantha Kristine (2021) Volcanic facies and geochemical analysis of the Triassic Mammoth Rock breccia as a test of early-arc paleogeography and subduction inception, eastern Sierra Nevada, California. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Broadman, Ellie (2021) Holocene hydroclimate in southern and arctic Alaska inferred from diatom oxygen isotopes and data – model comparisons. Doctoral thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Burch, Sara Jane (2021) Assessing fire impacts to a spring-fed riparian ecosystem during a dry climate cycle in Grand Canyon National Park, USA. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Donovan, Keegan Matthew (2021) Karst spring processes and groundwater storage implications in high-elevation, semi-arid southwestern United States. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Fankhauser, Kaci Lynn (2021) Considering herbivory in seed sourcing decisions for restoration materials. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Fernandes, Stephannie de Souza (2021) Conflict, connectivity, and confluences: limitations and possibilities for Amazon riverine ecosystem protection. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Frye, Eric James (2021) An evauation of ammonia as a tool for eradication of aquatic invasive species. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Gregorich, Holly Gina (2021) Provenance analysis of siliciclastic beds of the Wilkins Peak member of the Lower Eocene Green River formation, Wyoming. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Griefenberg, Portia Kristina (2021) The Potential for Plant-Based Lifestyles to Address Oppression and the Ideological and Systemic Obstacles to Widespread Veganism. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Hansen, Lindsay Erika (2021) Factors influencing growth in the Grand Canyon Colorado River population of flannelmouth sucker (Catostomus latippinis). Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Huisa, Allison (2021) The Magmatic Evolution of the San Francisco Volcanic Field's Sugarloaf Mountain, Through U-Th Dating and Compositional Analyses. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Kwiatkowski, Chad (2021) Influence of the Permo-Triassic Cordilleran arc on Early to Middle Triassic deposystems, Mojave and Sonoran Deserts. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Laplant, Paige Elizabeth (2021) Zeolitization and feldspathization processes of the Campanian Ignimbrite, southern Italy. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Lehnert, Savannah Lamar (2021) Social and ecological dimensions of incorporating tree cover into fragmented tropical landscapes. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Lima, Ryan Edward (2021) Estimating changes in fine-sediment storage at eddy-sandbars on the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, AZ using oblique imagery from remote cameras. Doctoral thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Murray, Allyson (2021) Determining magmatic volatile contributions to the Campanian Ignimbrite, Italy. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Murrieta Molina, Bernardo (2021) Odonata as biological indicators of habitat quality in restored wetlands in the Arizona borderlands. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Petersen, Sarah Elizabeth (2021) The effects of hydration on low-angle subduction systems. Doctoral thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Pringle, Claire Kathleen (2021) Geochronological analysis as a test of the presence of the Sonora allochthon in the Sierra Las Pintas, Baja California, Mexico. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Sutherlin, Caitlyn Eileen (2021) Evaluating Methods to Account for Soil Organic Carbon Stock Changes in Agricultural Lands. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Wrobleski, Emily Amory (2021) Multi-proxy evidence for climatic and environmental change during the late glacial and Holocene at Kelly Lake, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.


Miller, Anne Elizabeth (2019) Ichnology of the Bright Angel shale formation, Grand Canyon, Arizona: indicators for Middle Cambrian paleoecology. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Wheeler, Benjamin Harold (2019) Understanding vertical and lateral changes in sand-wave facies in dilute pyroclastic density current deposits. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.


Benson, Christopher Warren (2018) 16,000 years of paleoenvironmental change from the Lake Peters-Schrader area, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Deane McKenna, Megan Marie (2018) Abiotic and biotic mediation of grazing impacts on soil carbon in Northern Arizona. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Ellerbroek, Rebecca Anne (2018) Three-component hydrograph separation for the glaciated Lake Peters catchment, Arctic Alaska. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Field, Derek M. (2018) Episodic Sierran arc magmatism expressed in Mesozoic rocks of the Mount Morrison pendant, east-central Sierra Nevada, California. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Mogen, Charles T. (2018) The paleoecology and fire history from Crater Lake, Colorado: the last 1000 years. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Perrone, Miranda (2018) Mapping land management agency resilience in the Sonoran Desert Ecoregion. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Sanders, Ashley Renee (2018) Community valuations, perceptions, and judgments of eucalyptus plantation impacts in Ubajay and La Criolla, Entre Ríos, Argentina. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Shin, Patrick (2018) Unmanned aerial vehicles for estimating forest canopy fuels in ponderosa pine forest. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Sinclair, David A. (2018) Springs geomorphology influences on physical and vegetation ecosystem characteristics, Grand Canyon Ecoregion, USA. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.


Brakke, K. (2017) Unconventional agriculture how farmer-to-farmer networks support sustainable communities: a study of the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Vander Vis, Tanya (2017) A transient electromagnetic analysis of groundwater on the Utah-Arizona border. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.


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