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Bagdon, Benjamin and Huang, Ching-Hsun (2014) Carbon stocks and climate change: management implications in northern Arizona ponderosa pine. Forests, 5 (4). pp. 620-642. ISSN 1999-4907

Biddle, Lauren I. (2017) Does relative rotation inclination affect disk lifetime in young binaries? Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.


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Johnson, Joel (2018) Hybridization of surface plasmon resonance in immiscible solid composite nanostructures. Masters thesis, Northern Arizona University.


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Loeffler, Mark J and Prince, Beau Space Weathering of the 3-µm Phyllosilicate Feature induced by Pulsed Laser Irradiation. [Dataset] (In Press)

Loeffler, Mark J and Prince, Beau S A Possible Explanation for the Blue Spectral Slope Observed on B-type Asteroids. [Dataset] (In Press)

Loeffler, Mark J (2020) Data from "Sputtering of Water Ice by keV Electrons at 60 K". [Dataset]

Loeffler, Mark J and Behr, Patrick R. and Tribbett, Patrick David and Robinson, Tyler D Compaction of Porous H2O-ice via Energetic Electrons. [Dataset] (Submitted)

Loeffler, Mark J and Tribbett, Patrick D and Cooper, John F and Sturner, Steven J A Possible Explanation for the Presence of Crystalline H2O-ice on Kuiper Belt Objects. [Dataset]

Loeffler, Mark J and Tribbett, Patrick David The sputtering of radiolytic O2 in ion irradiated H2O-ice. [Dataset] (In Press)

Loeffler, Mark J and Tribbett, Patrick David and Tegler, Stephen Christopher Microporous ASW with Near-infared Spectroscopy: Implications for JWST’s NIRSpec. [Dataset] (In Press)

Loeffler, Mark J. and Fitzpatrick, Morgan Ryleigh and Meier, Robyn Marie and Cooper, John F. The Contribution of Electrons to the Sputter-produced O2 Exosphere on Europa. [Dataset] (Submitted)


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